Goa Tour

Duration: 5 Nights / 6 Days
Destination Covered: Goa


Day 1
Day first you arrive in Goa, we provide transfer to the hotel pre-decided for your stay. Starting with your 6-day long tour, enjoy a sunny vibe on the sandy beaches of Goa. The most popular among them are
  •  Candolim Beach
  •  Baga Beach
  •  Dona Paula Beach
Enjoy the sea shore sacks seafood with dirt cheap drinks and booze, at Candolim enjoy Punjabi food if you are vegan. Goa has large food variety from veg to non-veg, so your keeps your tummy full.
Day 2
On the second day, you will explore the root of Christianity in India by magnificent churches of Goa. We will visit major churches like
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi
  • Chapel of St. Francis Xavier
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
Goa is also home to Hinduism temples such as Shri Ramnath Temple, Shri Mahalsa Temple, and Shri Saunsthan Goudpadacharya Temple. If you are a Bappa devotee Goa is a destination where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm.
Day 3
On the day third, explore the Portuguese architecture Goa. One of the famous forts in Goa is Aguada Fort. If you area adventures person then heads straight to Dona Paula Beach and indulge in water sports such as Jet skiing, Banana Ride and Kayaking
Day 4
Everyone knows goa for beaches but a large chunk of Goa’s landscape is occupied by a variety of flora and fauna species. There are 6 wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. Here is the list of wildlife sanctuaries we will explore on this day
  • Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
  •  Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
  •  Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Following the wildlife tour, visit one of the shacks located alongside the beaches and experience nightlife of Goa.
Day 5
After exploring beaches and wildlife you want something peaceful. On this day we will explore the traditional roots of Goa, make a day trip to a miniature Goan village which is more than 100 years old. It is situated atop a small hill at Loutim in South Goa, which is around 10 kilometers from Margao.
Day 6
If you love art the handicraft industry of Goa makes some of the commendable arts and crafts such as clay, bamboo, sea shell and coconut shell. The state is home to several handicraft outlets. Take a look at the beautiful artifacts of Goa and purchase what you like.


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