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1 Hour Camel Safari Tour

one hour camel safari tour

Total duration for this trip is one hour. As per your suitability you can fix the tour timings. Timing: 5 pm to 6 pm or another is 5 am to 6 am. So you can choose from the given schedule of the timing.

Fare for this Tour

  • Rs 500 per person all inclusive

 In our Jaisalmer Desert Camel Safari, this is the first tour. Here is the tour plan for this trip:

  • First arrive at the Sam sand dune by 4 pm for the evening camel safari tour.
  • It’s time to meet our team at Desert Camp.
  • Starting point is from the parking, from there a camel and its rider will start your tour.
  • In this trip mid point is the sunset at point of the Sam sand dune
  • After completing the trip you will be back at the camp site which is a starting point in an hour.

For booking this 1 hour camel safari tour, either you can call Mr. Tushar Moolchandani at +91 6375152047 or fill the contact form below.

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