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Nahargarh Fort: Tells One Story of Jaipur’s Trio Shield

Nahargarh Fort Tells One Story of Jaipur’s Trio Shield

Nahargarh Fort: Tells One Story of Jaipur’s Trio Shield

Jaipur Oct 1, 2019 No Comments

In the ancient times, the capital of Rajasthan is the majestic and old city of the Amer which stood tall as the capital of the Rajputs. This city was bustling with the activity and the markets in the 1600s. The Nahargarh fort along with the Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort has formed the defense to the then capital.

The Nahargarh fort is located along the Aravalli hills overlooking a beautiful and mesmerizing lake. Additionally, this fort has a food court and the restaurant at the top of the fort with an excellent view which is named as Padao. This fort is also the home to the Jaipur wax museum and the glass palace.

Jaipur is the home to some of the grandest forts in India. It also includes the very famous Amer Fort. So it basks in the spotlight. Each and every day it attracts thousands of tourists, therefore there is more to the city’s epic monuments. The Nahargarh fort of the Jaipur is much alluring as the other forts and it has an eye-catching view as like the Amer and Jaigarh.

The Nahargarh Fort is set on the Aravalli in the Jaipur, it offers the amazing view of the pink city aka jaipur. It is the believed that along with the Amer and Jaipur Fort Nahargarh Fort once served as the defense ring for the Jaipur. It was built in the year 1734 by the Sawai Jai Singh. Thus the king of the Jaipur mainly retreats for the kings and the queens. Therefore much of the glory is changed and lost as the time is changing and still the fort stands strong under the Rajasthan sun. As well as you can hire tempo traveler in jaipur if you are traveling in more than 8 people of the group.

It is the believed that first the Nahargarh fort was named as the Sudarshan Garh but came to called as the Nahargarh after the spirit of the Nahar Singh Bhomia. A prince starts haunting in the palace. As a believed and it was said by the people that a temple was built in the premises in the fort to appease the spirit. So you may or may not choose to believe in the story so there is no denying in the lure of the structure. When you are at the Nahargarh fort terrace then you should never ever miss the sunset view from here.

Nahargarh Fort is now home the Jaipur’s first wax museum as well as a Sheesh Mahal( the palace of the mirrors). To visit the best tourist attractions in jaipur you can take help of the best cab service provider in jaipur. Therefore the sheesh mahal here has displays comprising of a massive 25 million glass pieces, rich with the intricate designs and the gold polishing.

How to Reach the Nahargarh Fort?

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Let’s take a drive to the fort from the city center so it is more than the picturesque.  The Nahargarh Fort is set on a hilltop an uphill drive through the forest is what you will need. For the reason, there is much to soak in en route. The natural beauty is spread all around as well as you will able to see the peacocks dancing in the thistles by the roadside. You can hire a car rental in Jaipur to visit famous places in jaipur.

People who are coming from outside the city need to reach Jaipur via road, air, or rail; the city is very well-connected to all the major cities in India. Additionally, Jaipur is also one of the major points in the famous Golden Triangle tours in North India. So, it is easily accessible. When you are visiting Nahargarh fort keep in mind that tourists’ entry in the Nahargarh Fort is stopped at 4:30 PM every day, and you need to plan your visit accordingly.

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