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10 Hidden Temples to Discover In Uttarakhand

Temples In Uttarakhand

10 Hidden Temples to Discover In Uttarakhand

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Top Unexplored Religious Sites of Spirituality in the Heart of Uttarakhand From the mighty Himalayas to the dense forests. Uttarakhand has a good collection of hidden gems of temples in store for you. From the most devote of pilgrims to the most casual of seekers. These 10 hidden temples are guaranteed to spark your curiosity. Let’s dive into the mystical world of Uttarakhand spiritual sanctuaries.

Hidden Temples In Uttarakhand

Discover the spiritual treasures in the sylvan surroundings of Uttarakhand with these 10 hidden temples in Uttarakhand the mystical hailed land. Uncover thousands of years of sacred history in hidden shrines and sanctuaries.

Shiva Temple, Shyamla Tal

Shiva Temple is a tranquil town in the amidst of Shyamla Tal. A good spot from where one can draw solace and seek spiritual enhancement in a peaceful town. The temple is set amidst a beautiful natural setting which provides a calm and peaceful environment for spiritual practice and contemplation. A view from the premises of the temple provides panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings for tourists.

Goddess Kali Temple, Kainchi Dham

The Kainchi Dham Temple is an unseen gem of Uttarakhand. With its unique shrine dedicated to the fierce Goddess Kali. Surrounded by the emerald greenery of lush mountains, the temple has an aura of mystical beauty that can truly impress guests. Being this temple its practice vibrant festivals and rituals, this is one of the prime places for those who want to witness local traditions and customs. If you are considering a trip to Kainchi Dham, you may utilize Car rental Service.

Sun Temple, Katarmal

Also ski this old age-old Sun God Temple situated on a hilltop alongside the village of Katarmal. Built in the 9th century, this temple is an example of fine brass and wood carvings and offers spectacular views of the lofty Himalayas. It offers a sense of peace and quite, and its rich and grand history for visitors to explore.

Hanuman Temple, Chakrata

The Hanuman Temple in Chakrata can be visited for an exclusive spiritual experience. This gem Couched in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand. Here to provide you with Peaceful Escapade from the daily to day city hustle! Home to spiritual enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. The peaceful abode of the temple and the mystic aura has attracted many a spiritual as well as nature admirer over the years.

Nanda Devi Temple, Lohaghat

Nanda Devi Temple is a religious temple locate in the quaint city of Lohaghat. It is dedicated to the chief deity of the locale, Goddess Nanda. It is surrounding by lovely woods and vineyards spread over rolling hills creating a serene haven for the spiritually inclined disadvantages and benefits of tourist Wikipedia. Contains Key this Island. Here, visitors can witness some of the temple’s rituals and learn more about the surrounding folklore.  If you are planning a tour for this summer break, you may use tempo traveller services.

Golu Devta Temple, Almora

The Golu Devta Temple in Almora is serves as a holy place for Almora residents and pilgrims. This temple gives you a unique experience as here you can post your written petitions to the deity in the form of letters asking for the answer to your prayer or wish. The visitors can witness this interesting legacy while sinking in the spiritual ambiance of temple.

Kandoliya Temple, Pauri

Kandoliya Temple, Pauri Kanda is a sacred hill top place in the town of Pauri. This ancient temple is one of the oldest and rarest temples of our Lord Ishwar. This temple is devoted to the goddess Sati, and it is the quiet place filled with mesmerizing vibrancy to attain peace with spiritual uplift. The travellers can visit the exquisite temple with its intricate architecture and they can also enjoy the panoramic views of the landscapes from the temple area.

Chandika Devi Temple, Rudraprayag

On the banks of the consecrated Aleksandar River lies the holy Chandika Devi Temple in Rudraprayag, a place deeply affiliated with deity myth and folklore. It is named after the fierce goddess Chandika, the guardian of the entire area of this region. The temple celebrates colourful festival and regular rituals that are worth a glimpse to catch the culture. Get an insight of the traditions, culture from the local place.

Baijnath Temple, Bageshwar

This ancient specimen of architecture and spirituality, the Baijnath temple in Bageshwar dates back to the 12th century. A great site of religious significance, devotees flock to this temple to worship the god Shiva. To seek blessings and divine intervention in their lives. Tourists can also admire the intricate carvings of the temple and feel the spirituality geometry of the sacred geometry place.

Jageshwar Temple, Almora

Located amidst thick, lush forests and towering mountains, the Jageshwar Temple in Almora is a tranquil haven for pilgrims. This temple is devote to the god Shiva and is famous for its stone carvings and religious importance. Visitors can meditate in the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. It creates and leads the meditated soul into the path of peace and inner tranquillity. If you are planning a Jageshwar Temple journey with your loved ones or family and friends this summer, you can employ bus rental service.


Finally, Uttarakhand is not only a heaven with enthusiasts, but also land hidden temples. Eccentric Uttarakhand temples ranging from ancient shrines to mystic sanctuaries with a major detail of spiritual heritage. Then why not take a spiritual tour and find out what these hidden gems have to say?

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