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Tourist Places to Visit in Near Ramdevra


Tourist Places to Visit in Near Ramdevra

Jaisalmer,Rajasthan Feb 3, 2023 No Comments

Our country is India where there are many temples and religious places including Ramdevra in Rajasthan. Ramdevra is a famous temple of Baba Ramdev Ji located in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. A great story is behind the Ramdevra temple. This religious place located in Jaisalmer was built in the year 1442 after Baba Ramdev ji took his samadhi. It is said that in 1442 AD, Baba Ramdev ji took samadhi here. People of Hindu and Muslim religions believe in Ramdev. Apart from the temple of Ramdev ji, there are many tourist places to visit near Ramdevra.

After taking the samadhi from Baba Ramdev ji, Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner built a big temple around the samadhi here. Baba Ramdev Ji is also known as Lok Devta of Rajasthan. This world famous Ramdevra Temple is situated at a distance of 12 km from Pokaran on the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer Highway. If you want to visit here from Jaipur then you can hire our car rental in Jaipur. If you have a group tour of Jaisalmer(Ramdevra) then you can hire bus rental services and tempo traveller In Jaipur.

In today’s article, we will tell you how to reach Ramdevra? How to reach Ramdevra? What are the places to visit in Ramdevra? (Tourist Places to visit in Ramdevra), Where to stay in Ramdevra? etc. will provide detailed information about it so stay with us till the end of the article.

Tourist Places to Visit in Near Ramdevra

Interesting Facts About Ramdevra

Ramdevra is today famous as Baba Ramdev Ji and Ranuja Mandir. The story of Ramdevra is many years old. It is said that Baba Ramdev counted a total of 24 papers and killed the demon Bhairav.

  • For a long time the Bhairav demons continued their power against Baba Ramdev Ji. But then he gave up and gave up.
  • The guests who came from Mecca and Medina to Baba Ramdev’s house were given new punch by growing five Peepals.
  • Seth Dalaji of Mewar was revived by Baba Ramdev.
  • He opened the eyes of a blind monk of Sirohi.
  • Due to the construction of Ram Sarovar pond, the people of western Rajasthan got freedom from water crisis.
  • In this way, Baba Ramdev ji solved many problems by demonstrating a total of 24 booklets. Because of these brochures, Baba Ramdev ji’s temple is famous not only all over India but all over the world.
  • Popular tourist places in Ramdevra
  • Although the most famous tourist place to visit in Ramdevra is the Baba Ramdev Temple, but there are many other religious places that you can visit, the list of which we share with you.

World Famous Baba Ramdev Ji’s Temple

Baba Ramdev Ji Temple in Ramdevra is considered a tourist and religious place. Lakhs of refugees visit the temple of Baba Ramdev ji daily. The temple of Baba Ramdev ji located in Ramdevra where there is maximum crowd in the month of Bhadrapada.

This popular Ramdev ji temple where devotees from every corner of the country come to visit. The doors of Ramdev Ji temple remain open from 4:00 am to 9:00 pm. According to the convenience of the passengers, this schedule also changed in winter and summer season. No entry fee is charged in Ramdevra temple.

Patch Step Well

A Parcha Bawdi is located near Ramdev Ji Temple, which is worth seeing. The construction of this Bawdi has completed in Vikram Samvat 1857.

Lakhs of devotees descend hundreds of stairs to visit this stepwell. The purity and sanctity of the water of this well is very high. It is believed that thousands of sins are washed away by taking a bath in this well.

Dali Bai Bracelet

Dali Bai’s bangle has been found in the Ramdev temple. All the devotees who come to visit Ramdevra Baba Ramdev ji, have Dali Bai Kangan made of stone located near them, which considered a symbol of faith of lakhs of people.

It is believed that all the diseases of the people coming out of this bracelet go away. Dali Bai’s bracelet has been found near Dali Bai’s grave. Dalibai was the adopted sister of Baba Ramdev, who had found by Baba Ramdev as a newborn under a tree. Dali Bai’s tomb is a few meters away from Baba Ramdev’s tomb.

Tune of Guru Balinath Ji

Near Ramdevra is the Dhuna Ashram of Baba Ramdev Ji’s Guru Balinath Ji. Guru Balinath Ji’s Dhuna had situated at Pokaran, 12 km away from Ramdevra. It said that Baba Ramdev ji got his education here in his childhood. It also said that Guru Balinath ji hid Baba Ramdev ji in this ashram to save him from the demon Bhairav.

Even today, Salam Sagar and Ramdev Sir Talab are located here to the west of Pokaran. Where every year a fair has organized in the ashram of Guru Balinath ji and even today thousands of people dance to the tune of Guru Balinath ji in the fair and pay homage.

The ancient stepwell of olden days situated near Dhuna of Guru Balinath Ji where devotees go to visit Ramdevra Baba Ramdev Ji. Most of them also go to see Guru Maharaj at the behest of Guru Balinath ji.

Panch Peepli

Many pamphlets of Baba Ramdev are famous even today. One of those leaflets attached with this Punch Peepli. It said that once five Pirs from Mecca and Medina came to Baba Ramdev’s place as guests in Ramdevra.

At that time, when the guest came in front of Baba Ramdev ji with a vow to take food other than his bowl, it said that Baba Ramdev ji planted five peepal trees in a village located east of Ramdevra village. Told one of his pamphlets.

This Pancho Pipliyan has still situated in Aika village, 12 km away from Ramdevra and that is why Baba Ramdev Ji  also known as Pir Ramsa Pir.

Runicha Well

Runija Kuan which has a well made by the miracle of Baba Ramdev Ji and a small temple of Baba Ramdev Ji also built there. This well has situated 2 km east of Ramdevra.

Monster Cave

Before the incarnation of Baba Ramdev ji in Ramdevra, there used to be a demon of Bhoot caste named Bhairav. The terror of this monster had spread to all the surrounding areas. This monster used to know the class of a man by smelling the fragrance of a man from a distance of 36 kos. But this demon was very much afraid of Guru Balinath ji.

This cave of Bhairav demons is still situated near Pokaran, 12 km away from Ramdevra temple and even today there is a practice of offering Prasad to Baba Ramdev Ji and offering Bakla to Bhairav demon after worshiping in this area. if you are in a huge group then you can enjoy here by our bus rental in jaisalmer and explore many places with your group.

Ramdev Ji Panorama

Panorama is located near Ramdevra Temple. Here all the questions shown by baba ramdev ji had mentioned in detail and saved here through different figures and pictures.

This panorama is no less than a museum. People coming to Ramdevra have a golden opportunity to visit here.

Ram Sarovar

There is water crisis even today in western Rajasthan and in olden days also water crisis was very high. Therefore, in view of the water crisis in western Rajasthan, Ramdev himself built a pond, which has known as Ram Sarovar.

This pond is behind Ramdev ji’s temple, this pond has spread over 150 acres. and is 25 feet deep. Even today, many villages in western Rajasthan get water supply from the water of the pond.

Places to Visit and Tourist Places Near Ramdevra

Tourist places of Ramdevra Apart from Ramdevra, there are many tourist places in Jaisalmer, which are very close to Ramdevra. We are going to give you information about them below. You can reach Jaisalmer from Ramdevra by our car rental In jaisalmer in about 2 hours.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort is famous not only in Rajasthan but in the whole world. Fort of Jaisalmer had also known as Sonar’s Fort. There are many places to visit in Jaisalmer, including the Jaisalmer Fort.

The Fort of Jaisalmer is huge and Jaisalmer is one of the largest districts in the world. This fort was built by Rao Jaisal. Who has considered to be the most powerful ruler of Jaisalmer.

The Thar Desert is located near the Jaisalmer Fort, which adds to the beauty of the district. The entrance gate of Jaisalmer Fort is also worth seeing. As soon as you reach the entrance of Jaisalmer district, you will find people greeting you.

They play their important role in promoting the culture of our Rajasthan. The entrance gate of Jaisalmer Fort had made of Sheesham wood and is about 60 feet in height.

Desert Safari

Desert safari is the most famous place to visit in Jaisalmer and all tourists come to visit Jaisalmer. 95% of these tourists come for desert safari only.

The fun of roaming in Desert Safari is different. Tourists from country and abroad reach here. The scorching sun during the day in summer makes it difficult for people to enjoy the desert safari.

Therefore, if tourists go in summer, then roam in the desert safari only in the morning or evening. Otherwise, the best time to go for desert safari is from October to April. The golden sand of Jaisalmer’s Desert Safari which increases the beauty of Desert Safari manifold.

Here the facility of camel and gypsy safari had made available to foreign tourists and tourists coming from different places of the country. Camel safari is of 90 minutes, while on the other hand the safari is of 45 minutes.

During this, the tourists coming are taken on Desert Safari Tour. Apart from safari, you can also enjoy Rajasthani music, dance and food here.

Patwon Ki Haveli

There is no dearth of tourist places in Jaisalmer. The name of Patwon Ki Haveli had included in the list of tourist places. Patwon Ki Haveli, the pride of Jaisalmer. Dip in the charming shade of yellow color, Patwa Ki Haveli attracts all the tourists coming to Jaisalmer.

Patwon ki Haveli was built by a rich merchant of Patwa village and after that this tourist place had named Patwon ki Haveli. Patwon Ki Haveli is also an impressive monument in Jaisalmer.

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