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What makes Jaipur favorite attraction among Tourists?

What makes Jaipur favorite attraction

What makes Jaipur favorite attraction among Tourists?

Jaipur Apr 22, 2021 No Comments

Jaipur is one of the favourite tourist destinations among every traveller. In simple, we can say that it is a delight for every traveller. Jaipur has plenty of things to offer in the terms of culture, activities and sightseeing. Another major thing is that it is part of the Rajput’s history. Jaipur is Rajasthan’s capital city and it will spoil you for choice as particularly if you enjoy a bit of the old world.

In jaipur there are some stunning forts and palaces to see in the jaipur and a lot of places for shopping. In Jaipur you can explore the many markets and get yourself amazing local Rajasthani products to take back home. Have a look at what makes Jaipur a top choice for travellers in this informative guide to what Jaipur is famous for.

What Jaipur is Famous for

  1. Havelis






Are you love the jaipur sightseeing and old architecture then you will be pleased with the many havelis in the jaipur. By visiting the havelis here you will get the best experience. As well as in jaipur you can able to see the attractive Rajasthani artworks on walls.  While some have been converted into hotels, there are others that are worth exploring by hiring tempo traveller in jaipur. The most famous are the Amer Palace, the Jal Mahal and the Hawa Mahal.

  1. Forts







The Rajputs were very protective of their properties, most importantly, the havelis. This is why they built many forts around Jaipur to protect their land and property. Today, in and around Jaipur you can see many forts that are great for exploring. You can explore the famous Amer Fort and enjoy an elephant ride or choose to tour the newly renovated Jaigarh Fort. Alternatively, if you are a history buff, you can visit the Nahargarh Fort.

  1. Museums









Jaipur is a haven for art and culture. It is no wonder then that the Pink City is home to many museums. Art lovers can enjoy exploring the Albert Hall that has some great exhibits on display. There’s the wax museum for those smitten by celebrities and then there is the Doll Museum that folks who love culture will enjoy.

  1. Shopping Markets









Among all the travellers Jaipur is one of the best tourist destinations for shopping. You can hire car rental in jaipur to visit the nearby markets. Jaipur is famous for clothing to the pottery and leather products to the carpets then you will come across the best in jaipur. The bazaars here are all old school, in terms of how they look and even how they operate. If we talk about the famous bazaars of the jaipur then Tripolia, Bapu bazaar and the Nehru bazaars. In jaipur these are the famous markets for shopping. Here you will get the best deals on anything you buy.

  1. Textiles







We all know that jaipur is famous for producing the high quality of the textiles, it is all over the city and you can find many of the textile stores that stock that offers variety of cloth. Therefore the stores of jaipur not only sell to locals and tourist by also export their stuff abroad.

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