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Choose From These 5 Destinations For A Fantastic Weekend Getaway In Rajasthan

5 Destinations For A Fantastic Weekend Getaway In Rajasthan

Choose From These 5 Destinations For A Fantastic Weekend Getaway In Rajasthan

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View the beauty and acquaint with the heritage wealth of the five tourist places in Rajasthan. It is located in the North-Western side of India and it is comprised of mostly desert areas. It contains’Thar desert ‘and shares its border with Pakistan Punjab and Sindh also. Rajasthan is the place of Rajput or it is the Abode of Rajas Rajasthan is surrounded by “Aravali Range ‘.It has many historical facts and there are many places for an excursion in Rajasthan Every place has different historical facts and stories Rajasthan has many historical monuments and the illusion behind it. Traveling to various places by people not only acquaint them with the ambiance of that place but also provide knowledge of the heritage and cultural values. Traveling need mode of transportation, to reach the various places we rent car , bus or auto according to economic expenditure and by considering comfort zone. The heritage remnants reflect glimpses of ancient eras.Rajasthan is the land of Kings and its historic forts and cultural values always touch our hearts at first sight. Rajasthan is a Royal state and it has an eighth-place among UNESCO World Heritage places. It has magnificent beauty comprised of forts on the hills and camel riding on the dunes. Every place has different cultural and natural beauty provides you the feeling of tranquility. It is the capital of many destinations for an excursion.

Fantastic Weekend Getaway In Rajasthan

The beautiful places are

1 Jaipur – It the capital of Rajasthan and it is also called Pink City because of the pink color of the wall of all the monuments of all cities. There are many places in Jaipur as the center of attractions. If you want visit various places than you can hire car, bus by taking the guidance of map or considering your economic balance.The places are-
a. Jantar Mantar- It is a collection of ancient astronomical instruments and it also has the world’s largest sundial. It is located near City Palace and HawaMahal.It has 19 astronomical instruments made by Maharaja Sawai. Jail Singh, 2. It provides you the observation of the astronomical position with naked eyes.
2. City Palace – It was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. When Maharaja wanted to shift his empire from Amer to Jaipur it is divided into series of courtyards, gardens, and halls. It has many parts Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Chauk. It has three gates, tripoli gate allows the entrance of the royal family. It possesses the creativity of Rajput and Mughal art. Jaipur is located in the mid or we can say in the heart of Jaipur city.
3. HawaMahal- It is comprised of many windows which allow cool wind to pass during the summer season It is made for women of Royal. families to see the festival celebration from these windows.
4. Nahargarh fort  – It is on the top of the hill. We can view the ambiance of the whole Jaipur. It also has a wax museum. It has an RTDC restaurant name ” Padav’ on the urge of the fort, on which we can have dinner with the view of the whole Jaipur
5. Amber fort – It is an old empire. Rajput king. In it, there is a temple of the goddess “Sheela Mata”.It also comprises of “Shish Mahal ‘on the upper side. We can visit the fort by enjoying elephant riding. In the evening we can see a” light and sound show’.
6. Jaigarh fort-The world’s largest Cannon ” “. “Jai-ban’ placed here. It also has the .old manufacturing factory of weapons of explosive.
7. Jal Mahal-It is situated on the Amer. road. It surrounds by water.
8. Moti Dungri temple- It is the temple of Lord Ganesha.and.located on moti dungri road.

2. Udaipur 

It is the city of the lake. Pichola lake is famous for boat riding. It is also known as the ” City of beautiful lakes or” Venice of East’.It is surrounded by valleys ‘.It is located in valleys and surrounded by lakes. Nature is showering its beauty from all sides. To visit various spiritual places you can hire on rent car , bus or auto for your convenience.The Nathdwara’ temple ‘is a spiritual place to visit which is 60km in distance from Udaipur. It has many places to visit like Sujjangarh Palace, it is the residence of the royal Mewar dynasty and is located outside of Udaipur. It was constructed by Maharaja Sujjansingh. It also has”Jaisamand lake’,” Fateh Sagar Lake,’.It also has a Jagdish temple, it temple of Lord Vishnu. It has beautiful carvings and lively statues that create the aura of spirituality. It has many beautiful resorts and hotels which are having a beautiful ambiance at night.

3. Jodhpur

It is also known as Sun City, BlueCity, is called Sun City because the rulers of Marwar were sun worshippers. and the Blue city because there are many theories behind it, the color of Lord Shiva is blue, the Brahmin at the old-time wanted to differentiate their houses from another caste. To visit various places like purchasing then you can hire auto, car or bus according to your economic balance.

There are many places in Jodhpur you can visit:

1)Mehrangarh Fort -It is built by Rao Jodha in the 14th century. It is one of the largest forts. It is built on the top of the hill. We can see its beautiful appearance in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It has seven gates.
2)Jaswant Thada-It is built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh1 by his son Maharaja Sardar Singh.
3)Umaid Palace- It is a heritage hotel, museum, and residence of the family of Raja “Gaj Singh’.It is an award-winning hotel used in many movies for indicating a luxurious lifestyle. Many celebrities used this place as a site for destination weddings.
4)Mandore garden -It is situated in the Mandore. It is a very large garden which has many” Chatteris” spread all around it. They are also called”cenotaphs’.The famous cenotaph belongs to Maharaja Ajit Singh. It has a” Hall of Heroes ‘ in which 16 warriors figures are embedded on a rock.
5)Flying-fox line tour-It is the experience of Mehrangarh fort, it is sporting you to cover 6 zip lines.
And many more places are there to visit ghanta Ghar, Balsamand, etc.

4) Jaisalmer

It is situated in North West of Rajasthan. This place is famous for golden sand dunes to view the beauty you can hire car , bus by considering your budget. It is famous for golden fines and the fort is also made up of golden stones. It is also known as’ Golden city’.It has a beautiful experience of camel riding and night stay in camp on golden dunes. It has Jaisalmer fort people are residing near it and many clothes shops with heritage patterns also have their dwelling. It has. Gadsar lake was made by Raja Rawal Jaisal to keep in mind the needs of people. The most important place is Kuldhara Village located20km away from Jaisalmer and it has the myth of a haunted place. Jain. Temple is also a place to visit, Desert National Park is also one of them you add to your list.
5)Mount Abu- It is a hill station in Rajasthan.It is Kashmir of Rajasthan , beautiful hill station .You can enjoy the path by hiring car, hire bus or auto . Its temperature remains cool and a major tourist spot due to boating in Nakki lake. It has a Dilwara temple to visit. It is famous for its spirituality and sculptures. It is a hub of the Jain religion. You can spend hours seeing its beauty. Other tourist places are Guru Shikhar, Wildlife century, etc.


1. Is it safe to travel by road?
According to your convenience, you can choose.

2. Should we choose a guide or we can travel alone?
It’s better to choose a guide to know about the historical importance of the places and to know more about other places to include in yours.

3. Is it necessary to do homework before going?
Pre preparation and doing homework is good for your planning and save your time and money.
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