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Bhangarh: The Rajasthan Ghost Town

Bhangarh The Rajasthan Ghost Town

Bhangarh: The Rajasthan Ghost Town

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Rajasthan is often known as the land of the unexplored mysteries. This is the place for the centuries which is able to engage the travelers and photographers around the world by the majestic diversity. In addition, the Thar Desert is the Rajasthan’s hot grace while the Aravali hills are the refreshment to it.

Whenever you will visit the Rajasthan culture and the garden you will feel the rich and the vivid culture of the Rajasthan. But there are several places in Rajasthan which will thrill you and creeps you out of your comfort zone.

The house of Ghosts: Bhangarh












Most of the Indians know about the Bhangarh. But from them, very few of them had the courage to visit it. It was the belief of people that there has a presence of bone-chilling, spooky, spine-tingling terror attached which is the main reason that stops the people to visit there. If you planning to experience the thrilling things then you can go to  Bhangarh. You can plan a road trip at Bhangarh with the best cab service provider in India.

Bhangarh is said to be one of the scariest places in Rajasthan or we can say that in India. Bhangarh is also known as The Indian ghost Town. The fort Bhangarh is situated in Bhangarh, Rajasthan and it lies between Alwar and Jaipur. Many of us know about the story of the Bhangarh. On the other hand, they heard about the presence of supernatural powers. It is believed that ghosts live there. Consequently, the Indian archaeological departed researches and documentaries have declared it as “The Indian Ghost Town”. This is the reason why people are not allowed to visit Bhangarh after 6:00 PM.

History and Myths about Bhangarh:

Bhangarh Fort 1











The Bhangarh city was built by the Kind Bhagwan Das. The king Bhagwan das has two sons man Singh and Madho Singh. The Madho Singh was crowned as king in the year 1613. Madho Singh always wants to build a fort and it was his aim. For this purpose, he got approval from the Guru Balu Nath. He was an ascetic who used to meditate there. Then the Guru said that “the moment shadow of your fort touches me, the city will get completely ruined” In addition as soon as the fort was made. The height of the fort reached so high. Then it shadowed the Guru Balu Nath. Hence with the wrath of Guru, the whole Bhangarh was ruined.

Other Myth that connected with Bhangarh and ruins it:

In ancient times there was a princess Ratnavati whose beauty has no match in the whole Rajasthan. In the same kingdom there lived a Tantrik or Magician named as Singhia. He was completely attracted to the princess. He knew that there is no match between the princess and himself. With the spellbound beauty of the princess, he finally decided to do the black magic on Princess Ratnavati and take her away. Thus one day he found the exact way of doing black magic on the oil that the princess uses. Therefore he caught red-handed by the princess herself.  Then she threw the oil on the ground turning the magic against Singhia. As soon as the oil reaches Singhai and cursed him. While dying Singhia cursed the Bhangarh to death. In the coming year, Ajabgarh fought with the Bhangarh and finally princess Ratnavati died and the whole Bhangarh was destroyed.

We are not able to find out which story is correct about Haunted House Bhangarh.  But it seems like that the story of the Princess Ratnavati is true.

Bhangarh Trip Overview

The simplest route to reach Bhangarh is by Jaipur to Bhangarh via Dausa. Reaching the Bhangarh was definitely a thrilling adventure and since you can hire a car rental in Jaipur to visit nearest places to Jaipur. Reaching to Bhangarh was one of the thrilling adventures. Going via car is the best option. The whole place under the control of the police and the ticket worth Rs. 25/-  each. Here the rule is come back before 6:00 PM. When we get inside the fort you will see the temple. The purpose of establishing the Hanuman temple is very right that no ghost come in travel. In the Bhangarh fort, you will see gardens, towers, sheds, exploring every ruin of the fort and its side.

What locals around Bhangarh had to say something about this Place?

Bhangarh fORT 2












They have heard a lot of the noises more often during the night. Voices like the women crying, screaming. The voice of strange music, strange scent, sensations and many more things that are experienced by the people living around there. They also felt that someone is following them. Therefore due to all these activities, doors are closed by the police after 6:00 PM. On the other hand, people have gone through such experiences there are a lot many of us who stayed the whole night in the fort and experienced nothing unusual. Thus the number is also the same for those who have actually seen something or heard. It totally depends on the person what they think about the Bhangarh.

How to Reach Bhangarh?

There are many ways by which you can reach the Bhangarh. Below mention is the schedule so you can plan the trip according to it.

By Road: From Delhi Bhangarh is about 270 km on the Delhi Jaipur Highway. When you reach Alwar take NH148 and then NH55 to the Bhangarh Fort. The route is like  Delhi- Alwar- Akbarpur- Thanagazi-Ajabgarh-Bhangarh Fort. As well as you can also book tempo traveler in Delhi to travel with your group.  If you are at Jaipur it is at about 90 km. Jaipur- Dausa- Bhangarh is the correct route.

By Train: The nearest station from there is Bandikui railway station which is about 28 km from Bhangarh Fort. Dausa is also an available option. Therefore there are many trains from Alwar, Jaipur, Delhi which will lead you to the Bandikui. You can book a taxi or car rental service there.

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