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Unexplored Temple in Jaipur: Complete Travel Guide Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jagat Shiromani Temple Jaipur

Unexplored Temple in Jaipur: Complete Travel Guide Jagat Shiromani Temple

Jaipur Jan 2, 2021 No Comments

The Jagat Shiromani Temple is located at the Amer. Another name of jagat shiromani temple is Meera Bai Temple. Meera Bai Temple is one of the most beautiful as well as ornate temples of Amer. Among the tourists jagat shiromani temple is very popular. In the large group tourist visits at the Jagat Shiromani Temple. Another fact about this temple is that it is the only temple of the Meera Bai in Rajasthan. This is the magnificent temple that is dedicated to the Meera bai & lord Krishna. We all know that Meera Bai is the devotee of the lord Krishna. The Jagat Shiromani Temple is considered as the important place in the history of Amer Town. This temple was built between 1599-1608 AD by the queen Kanakwati wife of King Man Singh I in the memory of son Jagat Singh .

Jagat Shiromani Temple is situated near to the Amer Palace (Fort). This temple has two entrance gates. The main entrance gates can be accessed from the main road of the Amer town. On the other hand the second gate is from the stair of the amer palace that leads to the inside of the inside of the temple open courtyard.  If you are planning to visit the Jagat Shiromani Temple then you can because it is a tranquil  and serene place

Complete Travel Guide Jagat Shiromani Temple

History of Jagat Shiromani Temple

The Jagat Shiromani Temple that has dates back to the 1599 AD. According to the records it took around 9 years to be built. This temple was built in the memory of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh I’s eldest son Jagat Singh by his mother Rani Kanakwati.

Attractions to visit near the Jagat Shiromani Temple are:

  • Amer Fort
  • Ambikeshwar Temple
  • Panna Meena Kund
  • Badrinath Temple
  • Anokhi Museum

Know about the Architecture & Design of Jagat Shiromani Temple

One of the most attractive and striking features of this temple is about the marble torans or pylon. Therefore the torans are the ornamental arch of the gateway. It is said that the torans are made from a single piece of the marble. Usually we had seen that torans are found in the Jain temples. One of the another striking element about the architectural of the Jagat Shiromani Temple is that is the amalgamation of the different architecture styles. Here you can find Jain, Hindu, Mughal as well as the South Indian architecture styles. In this temple you will see that all these styles have been beautifully incorporated & blended together in this temple. In the jagat shiromani temple there have been the many architectural styles that have been fused together and creates a stunning and eye catching master piece.

How you will reach at Jagat Shiromani Temple?

Meera Bai Temple or Jagat Shiromani Temple is located in the Amer Town. One can easily reach within the few minutes from the Amer fort. If you are visiting jaipur for the local sightseeing or historical places then hire car rental in jaipur to reach at the correct destination with the sanitized cabs.

Timings to Visit Jagat Shiromani Temple

In the morning Jagat shiromani temple is open from 6 Am to 1 pm & in the evening from 4 pm to 8 pm daily.

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