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Where Did The Famous Food Stay In Kanpur

Kanpur Food

Where Did The Famous Food Stay In Kanpur

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In this post we will talk about the industrial city of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, you will know about places to visit in Kanpur and famous food of Kanpur. This city is situate on the banks of river Ganga, we will know about the tourist places of Kanpur in this post. Let us tell you that Kanpur city is about 80 km from Lucknow and this city also has important educational institutions like IIT HBTI, Chandrashekhar Azad Agricultural University, Ganesh Shankar Memorial Medical University. Apart from this the city also has historical importance and there are famous places like Green Park Stadium, Ordnance Factory, apart from this you will also enjoy local food in local dialect.

Kanpur Attractions

Places to visit in Kanpur include Moti Jheel, Kanpur Zoo, Kanch Ka Mandir, JK Mandir, Bithoor, Japanese Garden, Kanpur Memorial Church, Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, Bhitargaon, Ganga Barrage, Atal Ghat, ISKCON Temple, Panki Hanuman Temple Huh. Shri Barah Devi Temple, Gumti Gurdwara, Maa Tapeshwari Devi Temple are the major ones, apart from these there is a lot to visit in this city. If you want to visit at here to see the Kanpur attraction from jaipur you can hire a taxi service in Jaipur.

The list of Kanpur tourist places is huge, in this post we will know about all the places in detail.

How to Reach Kanpur –

As you know that Kanpur is a major city of India, so obviously it is very convenient to come here, all kinds of means are available here, train, bus, airplane, your car, your motorcycle, come here as you like. .

If you are thinking of coming here by plane, then let us tell you that there is an airport in this city at a place name is Chakeri. There is one matter. At present there are not many flights from this airport, but yes from Delhi, Mumbai to Kolkata. There are regular flights from here.

Rest you check once, if you are not getting the flight of your mind at Kanpur airport, then you can come to Amausi airport Lucknow, from there you can easily come by train from Kanpur bus.

Now if you are planning to come to Kanpur by train, then tell that the most important railway station here is Kanpur Central, you will get train to Kanpur Central from almost all major cities of India, know that VIP like Rajdhani Shatabdi Trains are also available here. Stop at Railway Station Apart from Kanpur Central Railway Station, there are also some railway stations here, let’s know about them too.

Anwarganj railway station is in Kanpur city itself, it is famous for passenger train of Farrukhabad, Kannauj, Kasganj. Apart from this there is also a railway station at Panki, Rawatpur, Kalyanpur but the most important is the central one.

Now if you have made up your mind to come to Kanpur by road, then this city is well connect to all the major cities of India, there is a Jhakarkati bus stand, so it is very easy to reach here by road.

Intra-City Transport

Inside the city you will find government and private buses, you should give preference to government city buses, tempos also run here, which are call Vikram, apart from these you can also take the facility of auto and e-rickshaw. City, metro work should done fast. After few days you will see Kanpur Metro running.

It is good for travel, you book an auto or e-rickshaw and get around all day comfortably. Traffic is present, online taxi bike service like Ola is also in Kanpur, so just move around.

Where Did You Stay in Kanpur?

There are many dharamshala hotels available in this city at every rate, you have to search dharamshala here very easily, you will find more hotels on all online websites or best kanpur and railway station means near kanpur central. There are hundreds of hotels, take your choice, there is a clock tower in Kanpur Central, there are many hotels in that area, from here you will also get autos for every place etc.

If you are alone then you will also get the facility of dormitory. Sarojini Nagar has Kartar Yatri Niwas, has good dormitories, apart from this you will easily find dormitories and cheap rooms near Ghantaghar, so overall staying here is not a problem.

Personally speaking, I stayed in a room near the railway station for Rs 400, well, if you also have a good experience of staying somewhere then write the name of that hotel Dharamshala in the comment, which will be useful to the people.

Best Season to Visit Kanpur –

See, Kanpur is a city in North India. That is, except for the summer months, if we talk about the best, then the best season to visit here between October and March is to say that the city of Kanpur should avoid in summer.

Sightseeing in Kanpur-

Now we will try to know in detail about the places to visit in Kanpur, if you are thinking of visiting this city then this article will be very useful for you, the list of tourist places of Kanpur is very big, here we are here. If you want to visit at here to see the Kanpur attraction from jaipur you can hire a bus rental service in Jaipur.

Moti Lake Kargil Park –

This city is a very good tourist destination of Kanpur, people come here to visit and here you will get to see greenery, lake etc. We can say this if you are looking for a place from where you can have a good view of your eyes and if you have a peaceful place, then you should head to Moti Jheel.

Here in Kargil Park, you will get to see an open gym, a swing for young children, a pillar made in honor of the soldiers who died in Kargil, etc.

There is a beautiful lake in which the idol of Swami Vivekananda has made and it is believe that this place is very beautiful. Standing near the statue of Vivekananda ji, you can see the beauty of the entire lake and can take photos of your very beautiful view. You can definitely go on the roads built around this lake because it is very green and beautiful, the environment here is very nice.

The ticket for Kargil Park Moti Jheel Park is only 10 rupees, if we talk about the time, then this place opens only at 5 in the morning, but most of the people start coming here from 10 in the morning and keep roaming here till 8 o’clock. . time. , -9 o’clock. So you can come to Moti Jheel Kargil Park and spend a good time with your family, there is a very nice Love Kanpur Selfie Point outside Kargil Park where you will definitely get your photo click.

Apart from this, all kinds of street food and sports options are available for the kids outside the park, so this tourist destination will love by your kids. You can come in front of Rajiv Vatika, if it is open then you can roam there also.

Children’s Garden Park Japanese Garden

No doubt your kids are going to have a lot of fun in the Japanese Garden, you can walk here from the Kargil Park Moti Lake, its architecture is done by a Japanese, that’s why it is also called the Japanese Garden. There are many types of swings for children, there is a train which is the most special attraction of the children, children are very happy to ride this train, apart from this you can also enjoy boating in the Japanese Garden.

Here you will find many types of swings, boating, musical fountain, cafeteria, magical ride etc. for entertainment and the best is the cleanliness of this place, many people also call it Moti Jheel.

Japanese Garden Time

If we talk about the timing of the Japanese Garden, then let us tell you that you can come here from 10 am to 9 pm. If you want to visit at here to see the Japanese Garden from jaipur you can hire a car renrtal in Jaipur.

Japanese Garden Ticket Price

There is also an entry fee to visit this park, which is just Rs.25, which is good for children younger than 3 years old and for the disabled, the entry is free.

So you can see Moti Jheel Kargil Park Japanese Garden together as it is all around.

Allen Forest Zoo – Kanpur Zoo

First of all know that Kanpur Zoo is located in Nawabganj and it is very big, so whenever you come here, Kanpur Zoo has a lake, a toy train that attracts kids, big trees. There are those of whom it will be one. Pleasant experience of sitting in the shade, in this zoo you will get to see different species of plants and animals, now we are going to tell you more about Kanpur Zoo –


There is a very beautiful lake in this zoo, which is home to many aquatic species, many birds come here for this lake, you can also roam in the serene environment on the banks of this lake.

Toy Train

This toy train popular among kids is also fun, you can sit in it and see the whole zoo without getting tired, undoubtedly it will be a thrilling experience to sit in this train.

Botanical Garden

As you must have understood from the name that you will get to see all kinds of plants in this park, which are look after by the skilled craftsmen here, if you have a love for plants then you must come here.


All kinds of birds are seen here, the sound of those birds will mesmerize you, birds come here from far and wide, you can see many new types of birds here, the specialty here is colorful parrots, sweet parrots And the beautiful stork, you will definitely come here too.

Apart from all this, Aquarium, Butterfly Park, Reptile House, Dinosaur Park, Jhoola, Cafeteria etc. will found in the zoo of Kanpur.

Kanpur Zoo Timings

Timings here are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and note that it is close on Mondays and note once again, the sooner you come here the better.

Kanpur Zoo Admission Ticket

You will also have to spend a little money to visit here, the entry fee here is now 70 rupees for an adult, which includes the aquarium, the same fee for 6 to 12 year olds is 35 rupees and the same fee for foreign nationals Is . 400 Rs.

It is forbidden to carry plastic bags, water bottles inside the zoo, so please keep in mind that whenever you have time, you must come here. Allen Forest Zoo in Kanpur me Ghumne Ki Jagah is very special.

Atal Ghat Kanpur Sightseeing

Atal Ghat is 2 kms ahead of Kanpur Zoo. There is a very good arrangement of toilets on the ghat, the arrangement of drinking water is here, if you are a fan of photos, then here you will find many beautiful points where you can take your beautiful photo.

At Atal Ghat, just near the Ganges river, you will be able to stand and see Ganga ji flowing from very close, you will see Ganga ji below by holding the steel railing.

Lavkush Barrage | Ganga Barrage

This is a barrage built on the river Ganges in Kanpur city, which has been built in a very beautiful way, that is to say, the area around the barrage has made it very beautiful, so people keep visiting this place. But there are many selfie points like KANPUR MERI JAAN written selfie point HAPPILY CHECKED IN TO KANPUR selfie point I love Kanpur Wala selfie point etc. But do come

Ganga Barrage is also called Lavkush Barrage, from here you will see a very beautiful form of Mother Ganga, as well as many food stalls will be found here where you can enjoy local street food.

Sati Chaura Ghat | Massacre Ghat | Maskar Ghat

This is a historical ghat which is related to the practice of Sati, it is known as Maskar Ghat, Narsan Ghat, Sati Chaura Ghat etc and its official name is Nana Rao Ghat, there are many temples in this place and there. There are picturesque views of Maa Ganga. A horrific massacre took place here in the revolt of 1857.

Green Garden

Although it is not a tourist destination, the name of Green Park must be in the article of Kanpur, so let us tell you that this is a cricket stadium where the pitch of cricket test matches is very good, many matches has held here also IPL If you are a cricket lover then definitely take a chance to visit here. This is a very beautiful stadium built on the banks of the river Ganga.

Attractions at Nana Rao Park, Kanpur

It is a green and quiet place located in the heart of the city. This park is mainly dedicate to Nana Rao Peshwa. Many people come here for morning walk. You can visit Valmiki Vatika in Nana Rao Park. Martyrs site, old banyan, war memorial, statues of brave patriots etc. This park is mainly built in honor of the patriots involved in the revolt of 1857.

The old banyan here is a witness to the martyrdom of all Indians, it is said that the British hanged many Indians with this banyan.

Flower Garden –

The Flower Garden, popularly known as Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, is located right opposite Nana Rao Park. Like Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Phool Bagh and Nana Rao Park are opposite to each other, so you can visit both at once, you must include these two parks in the places to visit in Kanpur. There are many types of swings in this park which attract children towards them.


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