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Best Places to Visit on A Road Trip from Jaipur

Best places to visit on road trip from jaipur

Best Places to Visit on A Road Trip from Jaipur

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If you are present in the majestic atmosphere of Rajasthan then obviously you must be in Jaipur. UNESCO has not made this city a ‘World Heritage City’ without any reason! You get mesmerized as soon as you come here and find excuses to stay here. Tourists from India and abroad keep this city buzzing throughout the year. But if you have enjoyed the visit to Jaipur and feel like exploring some more, then you can go on a road trip and enjoy the Rajasthan tour through a road trip.

Separated by mountains, rivers, and forests, you get a strange smell coming out of Jaipur. A road trip is also liked by the wanderers because it not only increases knowledge but also gives detailed information about any place. From culture, language, and lifestyle to social fabric also pass in front of your eyes. Not only this, you travel from history to the present through road trips. In such a situation, the meaning of going on a road trip from Jaipur increases even more.

Best Places to Visit on A Road Trip from Jaipur

1. Jaipur to Jodhpur

Embark on a road trip to Jodhpur to experience the diversity and culture of Rajasthan. While going to Jodhpur, you will not only get a chance to see the land of Rajputs but you can also feel it. It would be best to set out for Jodhpur by bike so that you can make the most of the experience. If you are going to visit Jodhpur from Jaipur to Jodhpur with your family or friends then Bus Rental in Jaipur can be the best option for you. On the way, on the Jodhpur-Ajmer highway, you find hotels, dhabas to eat and drink, where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan. After going to Jodhpur, one can spend the day admiring the historical forms of Blue City. After reaching Jodhpur, visiting this city’s local markets to sightseeing, you can easily book a tempo traveller in Jodhpur. so You can easily spend an hour or two in each jodhpur street market during your vacation to make your visit an unforgettable one.

2. Jaipur to Bikaner

If you want to tour the best roads of Rajasthan then visit Bikaner. It is thrilling to know the glorious past of this state via Jaipur-Bikaner Highway. You can also visit Fatehpur on the way, which is famous for Nawab Fateh Ali Khan’s haveli, fort, and religious places. After reaching Bikaner, visiting this city famous for Bhujia apart from Rajshahi Fort can prove to be memorable. Here you can visit many places including Laxmi Niwas Palace, Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, and Karni Mata Temple. You can hire a car rental in Bikaner for visiting sightseeing in Bikaner.

3. Jaipur to Ranthambore

Traveling from Jaipur to Ranthambore is very popular among road trip lovers. The Jaipur Kota Highway takes you to Kota and Lalsot. A few kilometers of the road can give you trouble but the rest of the way is excellent. This journey fills you with freshness and you can see the biodiversity in Ranthambore amidst nature. While doing jungle safari here, along with tigers, one can see the natural habitat of wildlife like leopard, bear, deer, hyena, wild boar, etc.

4. Jaipur to Neemrana

Embark on a road trip to Neemrana to delve into Rajputana history. The fort here has now been converted into a hotel, but even today the royal chic in the atmosphere here is worth seeing. By coming here you can enjoy from culture to art and dance events. It is a great place for weekend getaways from the cities of Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra.

5. Jaipur to Sambhar Lake

For a road trip, you can choose to travel from Jaipur to Sambhar Lake. Before reaching this salty lake, you can visit Shakambari Devi temple. This is a mini trip that takes very little time. If you want, you can travel here with your family or with a team of friends. The natural hues here dazzle the eyes and once you look at it, you are hooked.

6. Jaipur to Bhangarh

You can have a thrilling experience by traveling about two hours from Jaipur. Bhangarh comes at the top of haunted places. This is a great place to get out of Jaipur, about which many terrible stories are told and heard. On the way, you can reach Bhangarh by eating and drinking at dhabas, etc. Here you may get to experience something strange. By the way, it is forbidden to stay here during the night!

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